Big commitment from BitCoinLatina boosts TopiaCoin ICO

Credit: Business Examiner

Topia Technology’s TopiaCoin cryptocurrency received a boost today when the Tacoma cybersecurity firm announced that BitCoinLatina Foundation has committed one million of its own tokens toward TopiaCoin’s initial coin offering.

In a nutshell, BitCoinLatina — already one of Topia Technology’s clients — is purchasing TopiaCoins with one million tokens of its cryptocurrency, BitcoinLatina. TopiaCoins are currently in private pre-sale, with the public ICO scheduled for March 5.

Topia launched TopiaCoin to raise money to fund its development of new cybersecurity technology that combines its own software with blockchain. Blockchain is a technology already used by several in the cryptocurrency world to provide transparency within transactions.

“We are committed to working with the blockchain community to advance data security,” said Janine Terrano, CEO, Topia Technology. “We are excited to partner with an existing customer, BitcoinLatina Foundation, to bring data security to decentralized systems. This partnership represents a giant step forward in enabling consumers and enterprises to use the resources on the internet without going through a central authority.”