Tacoma based, Infoblox, Launches WIN Initiative to Attract, Retain and Promote Women in the Workplace

Credit: Norma Lane, Infoblox

On average, just one-quarter of technical positions at technology companies are held by women. Similarly, women fill just 20% of CIO positions. And this is despite the fact that the majority of the professional workforce in the US is female (57%). We in the industry all know it and see it every day: the tech industry has a major gender gap.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it. To begin to systematically address this imbalance at Infoblox, we are excited to announce that we’ve launched a new initiative called the Women’s Internal Network (WIN).

The purpose of Infoblox WIN is to increase woman representation at Infoblox. With strong executive team backing, we are building an internal support system to attract, retain and promote women in the workplace. This is important not only from a workplace-equity standpoint, but is also good business. Numerous studies show that companies with gender balance are more innovative, have higher retention rates and productivity, resulting in stronger financial performance.