Water Accelerator launches in Tacoma

Pure Blue, a Washington state non-profit, is launching the Puget Sound’s first business accelerator program for water entrepreneurs. Aqualyst Accelerator is a customized service center that assists entrepreneurial project teams streamline their technology development process—from prototype to pilot demonstrations to sales to scaling—with less capital, time, energy and risk.

Ryan Vogel, co-founder of PureBlue and executive director said: “We are excited to be introducing our first cohort of six companies who will begin a 14-week immersive program to launch their innovative products into the global market faster and more intelligently. Aqualyst through its Mentoring Network provides entrepreneurs a living laboratory of resources for accelerating water innovation.”

Egils Milbergs, co-founder of PureBlue and Chair, Water Leadership Advisory Board (LAB) stated: “The global water crisis can be turned into an economic development and job creation opportunity for Tacoma and Pierce County by delivering solutions that increase water quality and the efficiency and adaptive capacity of water systems locally and globally. Entrepreneurs will be able to leverage resources such as University of Washington, Washington State University, Center for Urban Waters, Washington Stormwater Center, water utilities, industry experts, funders and many others.”
The goal of the Aqualyst Accelerator program is to accelerate the pace and success of water technology development and worldwide solution implementation. Rapidly moving innovative solutions from lab to industry requires an open network of trust bridges. Simply put, entrepreneurs need to work together, and entrepreneurs need access to critical expert and financial resources.

Apply to Pure Blue here: https://www.f6s.com/aqualyst