Tacoma startups looking for capital: Seattle Angel Conference application deadline approaches.

The Seattle Angel Conference is a way for Startups and new Angel Investors to make progress towards first funding. It is a 12 week program, where the applying companies get reviewed by new Angel Investors. In the end, one or more of the companies will be invested in by the Investor LLC for somewhere between $100K and $200K. 

There are four stages for the applying companies:

  1. Gust review - The investors review all the submitted gust.com profiles and select 24 quarter finalists.
  2. The 24 quarter finalists present a 3 minute presentation and do a 3 minute Q+A, and the investors select 12 semi-finalists
  3. The 12 semi-finalists present a 10 minute presentation and do a 10 minute Q+A and the Investors select 6 finalists. 
  4. The finalists get separate due diligence teams that work with the company to understand their current state and progress. 

The applications for participating are September 4th. The entrepreneurs can see the process for applying at 


On November 15th, we will have a public event, where the six finalists will present, the due diligence teams will respond and the investors will vote and select a company to invest in. 

This is the 12th Seattle Angel Conference. It runs twice a year. In the last 11 cycles, we have invested just over $2.5M into 23 companies. 

You can find out more about the program at http://seattleangelconference.com