PODCAST: Union Club – a new coworking space in Tacoma

Coworking in Tacoma

  • Linda Lopez and Josh Kilen Linda came from Seattle. When she discovered the South Sound, she came to appreciate the scale of the city. Josh was born in Tacoma and has chosen to stay and build his business here for the quality of life.
  • What is Union Club? Built in a restored historic building on Broadway, Union Club is a new coworking space for entrepreneurs and artists. It's a "clubhouse" feel for people who work on their own but are looking for extra benefits (meeting people, conference room, otherwise) of being in an office.
  • The Importance of Physical Spaces With all the networking and sharing happening, the tech graduates coming out of UWT, and growing intellectual capital, coworking spaces provide a place to keep jobs local and invest in our community.
  • The paradox of Tacoma's workforce Employees are driving to Seattle for work. And employers are saying they can't get qualified workers. If the talent is here and is driving north, where's the disconnect here?